Billy the Kitten and Travis Too



Have you ever looked over into a box full of puppies?  Didn’t you want to scoop up the whole squooshy wooshy wiggly bunch and hug them all at the same time? Then, as you’re taking them all in, you notice “that” one…  the one that catches your eye more than once, and squeezes your heart just a tad bit harder than the rest and you decide that THAT puppy needs a little more attention.

Well, that’s how we are about our “critters” here at Serendipitous!  We LOVE THEM ALL, but there’s a certain Cool, Confident and oh so Cuddly Kitten and a Debonaire Death defying Armadillo that have simply captured our hearts and we want to share them with you once more. So we have given them the spotlight!  It’s the same fun, fantastically, fanciful story, but with more UH-MAZE-ING artwork from our very own Bethany to help you better get to know our beloved Billy the Kitten and Travis Too!  You will LOVE this book!


…of course the Ladies were smitten 

by Billy the kitten

and his tall tales continued in billows

but the real mystery, 

was Travis you see, 

‘cause NO ONE believes in live armadillos



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