What if the world was full of amazingly beautiful and creative characters
that loved others and live by their beautiful example? It is!

Inside the fantastical pages of each book in the Serendipitous book series imagination meets real life,
the beauty of life jumps right of the pages, and children ages 1 to 101 can immerse themselves in the splendiferous wonder that is Serendipitous! These children’s books are filled with most amazing hand-drawn characters alongside their quirky fanciful stories. You’re going to love the joy and smiles they bring to your family!


Amongst the rest of life’s most important questions, how would you like to know:

… how to cure a squirrel of being afraid of heights?
… what makes a warthog giggle?
… who wrote the most magnificent symphony?
… the best place for lunch in the swamp?

Or what about:
… how to keep a toad and a duck out of trouble?
… what does it take to make a Meerkat smile?
… where could a frog and a mouse possibly go on a bicycle?

… just what WERE a kitten and an armadillo doing in town?

You can find the answers to these important questions and more in the Serendipitous book series!!



Here is our beautifully narrated video about our most recent Charity Book Drive for Birmingham Children’s Hospital (Dec 2018). Checkout our Youtube Channel for more videos.




WE LOVE SERENDIPITOUS!! When my grandsons come to visit, all 5 of us love to pile into an oversized chair and read it together! We’ve spent some special times with this great book and wonderful illustrations! – Ann Askea


One of the stories in this book is going to remind you of someone you know! I promise! – Annette Harris



It is our intention and honor to always “give back” a portion of our blessings through the Serendipitous books!
– Elena and Bethany